Pinkie Promise: Texas’ Local Rockstars


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Talented member of Pinkie Promise taking a group photo

There is a place deep in Texas, where a band titled Pinkie Promise leaves its mark..
Pinkie Promise is an amazingly talented band who tour all over Texas. Their most recent show was at Lazy Daze on Sep 3. Pinkie Promise is an Alternative Punk Rock band, consisting of four members originating from the suburbs of Houston.

When asked about how all the members met, the bassist, Lola said, “Me and one of our guitarists are cousins, but we met the rest because of taking music lessons at the same place.” When asked about what made them start the band, she said, “It started out as a joke between me and our other singer, but then after like 2 or 3 weeks, we decided to make it a real thing.”

The members of the band consist of:
Lola- Bassist/Singer
Ali- Guitarist
Leah- Guitarist/Background Vocals
Abby- Singer
Kaelynn- Drummer

Pinkie Promise has recently become quite a craze, as they already have an upcoming show on September 24th FGA at Bohimos. Pinkie Promise is helping Surge the Alt/Punk scene in Texas, showing that Texas isn’t just cowboys and flatland, while showing its diversely creative area.

They were asked what it was like being in Pinkie Promise. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s super fun and it’s really cool getting to play in front of people and seeing how they receive our music,” Lola said. One of the things that make being in a band a lot of work, is making the music the people love, and Pinkie Promise is passionately working on that. “We are working on demoing stuff right now, and we’re hoping to have stuff out by spring,” she said. This gives fans something to be excited for this upcoming spring. Pinkie Promise will only continue to grow, and show us what other exciting things they have in store for the future.