Alex G DSU Album Review


Chris Diaz

DSU – Alex G Album review

(Sandy) Alex G is an alternative indie singer/songwriter who has recently blown up with his songs “Mary”, “Advice”, and “Sarah” from his album TRICK. Alex has eight total albums with a new one called God Save The Animals, which was Released on September 23. Alex G’s second Album DSU was a huge success among his fan base, as many fans argue that it’s his best album to date. DSU is an Alternative Indie album released on June 17, 2014. Like all of his albums up until Beach Music, it is a self released album all recorded in his Philadelphia home. DSU has a total of 13 tracks not including the two bonus tracks: Soaker and Waiting For You.

When first looking into DSU, it gives off a very warm and playful feeling, but when you look at some of the track names such as “Sorry”, “Hollow”, or “Promise,” it gives a melancholy impression, harboring a deeper meaning than what you would expect. This tactic effectively throws you off from when you take your first look at everything.

Track List
After Ur Gone
Serpent Is Lord
Black Hair
Soaker(Bonus Track)
Waiting for you(Bonus Track)

After listening to the full album, you can see many elements of other genres and artists that may have inspired Alex, When I first listened to “After Ur Gone” it reminded me of Elliott Smith with the soft vocals and a unique guitar part.The second track “Serpent Is lord” is a phenomenal song with its gritty and aggressive sounding guitars yet soft vocals.Whereas for many songs those vocals wouldn’t work out, but Alex managed to put it together and and make it sound amazing. “Hollow” is another phenomenal song on the album, as it has a really strong and dark tone with very fluttery guitars and backup vocals to help carry the song. Although the album has many great songs and a good feel, some of the songs feel as if it’s not meant to be a part of the album. For example, “Promise” starts off with a really repetitive bass line, and feels like it’s from a 90’s sitcom theme song. It lacks elements from the other songs from the album, making it feel like “Promise” could be its own stand alone single and not a part of DSU. Alex Managed to pull together a beautifully made album with a very diverse tone and many great tracks and it’s an album I would greatly recommend that anyone should check out and