Fall Fashion Trends

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Fall is coming up, and some people feel confused as to what to wear. Fortunately, I have a few ideas on what to wear to make this your most fashionable fall yet!

Micro scarves
We seriously need to see more of these as they are so chic, dainty, and just adds that extra touch your outfit might be missing. You can wear these in a variety of ways, and they won’t make you hot, especially if you live in an area where fall can also feel like summer.

Adidas Sambas
These have been on the rise since the summer months and I don’t see the popularity stopping anytime soon. These shoes totally give off the “no effort” look, and go with a lot of clothes so you don’t have to specify them to certain tops or bottoms. I think what also adds to the appeal is that they are also known as “soccer dad shoes” which makes the feeling of wearing them a little bit more fun.

Vests and Waistcoats
These are seriously having a moment and are so chic. If you want to dress up a casual look, this is the perfect thing to throw on. Or even if you want to go in a more formal direction, this is again the perfect thing to throw on because it gives off the “sophisticated” and “mature” vibe. Overall, it makes a person seem very well put together.

Quilted Vests
These are essential for fall given they are warm, not heavy at all, and the unique pattern just makes a fall outfit even better. These are seriously so cute and look great on anyone.

Fur collared trench coats
If you’re wearing these, you are probably looking to channel your inner movie star or celebrity given how much this will elevate your look. You will most definitely have to take Instagram pics in these because they are just too great not to.

Minimal strappy tops
If you love to look like you’re on top of things, this is the way to go because it adds a certain level of maturity that is still playful, yet makes the person wearing it seem like they are expensive. Seriously, fabulous and timeless.